I’ve been experimenting with meatloaf, because I mean, c’mon, it’s meatloaf! 😍 The comfort food of all. Lol!

Well, I wanted a way to change it up a little bit, rather than just gnawing on a giant hunk of meat… So I tried to stuff goat cheese in one, and it turned out okay-ish, but needed a little extra. So I finally found the winning combination for the hubby’s and my taste buds! Here we go…


1 lb ground beef/loaf (I make a double recipe so we have an easy leftover load or so)

1 egg/loaf

Gluten free oats (if you have to be GF)

Minced garlic

Finely chopped green onions (I threw them in my “slapped chopper” with the garlic lol)


Garlic spread/salt (I use the johnny’s brand from Costco, since others have MSG that makes me break out in hives)

BBQ sauce (sweet baby Ray’s is GF)

Tiny bit of Montreal steak seasoning (that stuff is powerful! But delish)

Goat cheese (approx 1/2 Costco log per loaf)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Combine all ingredients except for meat and cheese in a large bowl:  
I forgot to get a picture showing my concoction without the oats all over it…so I got another with BBQ sauce for good measure 😜

3. Mash it all up:

4.Add the meat:  

5. Fill loaf pan with thin layer on the bottom (you need approx 1/3 for bottom, and 2/3 for top):  
6. Put the goat cheese down the center of the loaf:  

7. Cover with the remaining mixture:  

8. Slather with more BBQ sauce:

9. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes, I always cut near the end-ish of the loaf to make absolute sure it’s cooked, because I’m a little paranoid about meat lol.