There are a few things this recipe is good for:

1. It’s gluten free.

2. It’s CHEAP.

3. It’s relatively easy, and makes enough to fill 3 gallon freezer bags, so you can freeze all 3, or make one and freeze the other 2.


Large skillet

Rice maker

Very large bowl for mixing all ingredients

Olive oil 

Approx. 3-5 cups uncooked rice

Approx. 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa (optional)

1 Costco bag of broccoli 

 this recipe of gluten free condensed chicken soup 
Cooked chicken, chopped/shredded. I use a whole package of costco’s leftover rotisserie chicken, it’s cheaper per pound than raw chicken breasts lol!

1 bag shredded cheese from Costco, I like the Mexican blend

1 container white mushrooms from Costco

Approx. 2 cups plain Greek yogurt, or to taste

About 20 strips cooked bacon (I use pre-cooked for ease, but you can cook your own and save significantly) 

Jalapeños to taste 

Garlic to taste

Onions to taste


Begin by putting rice and quinoa together in rice cooker (takes approx. 30 min).


And FYI, did you know you can re-vamp old rice in a rice cooker??

Simply break up these chunks:

And throw it in the cooker with some water, and place on “cook” again:

It comes out good as new!

Anyway, moving right along… 😜

Next, cook broccoli in olive oil. You can use frozen broccoli for ease, but I like buying the massive bag at Costco, which requires I break up the pieces a bit:

Cook it just to where it is still crispy, but cooked. It’s important to not let it get mushy. I even like them browned just a smidge.

Meanwhile, cut or break up the bacon and place in the large bowl:


Wash mushrooms and chop to desired size. These are my favorite:

At this point the broccoli should be done, so add that to the bowl:


Put the mushrooms in the skillet with a little olive oil, and now the rice should be done, so add that:


Cut up chicken and add:


Add greek yogurt and cream of chicken soup:


Add in shredded cheese, mushrooms, and sautéed garlic and jalapeños.

Here is my completed batch:


You can either freeze 3 batches, or place one batch in 9×13 baking dish, cover with shredded cheese, and bake at 400 for 30 minutes:




Then, take the rest:


Place in a gallon ziplock and freeze for a quick dinner later! (Thaw overnight in fridge, cover with shredded cheese) and bake at 400 for 30 minutes)


Serves 6.