I learned a few things from my first piece, and wanted to try again with a few tweaks, so here it is!

Return Of The Lingerie 😜


small scraps of lining fabric for the cups

Approx 1 yard of sheer fabric

Approx 1/2 yard solid coordinating fabric for band and ties

1 package (1 yard) decorative elastic for straps

Items I used:

Sewing machine

Serger (optional)

Seam ripper (optional)

Rotary cutter & mat (optional, can use fabric scissors instead)

Sewing pins

Iron and ironing board

Tape measure


I cut my cups from the fabric and lining first, and set aside:

Then, I cut the bottom part to the length and width I wanted, and sewed a basting seam, and slightly gathered it:


 Next, I measured around my ribcage, and cut two strips of this coordinating black fabric for the band, leaving a bit for a seam allowance.

Then I sandwiched the bottom piece in between the band parts, right sides together:

I serged this together: 

Then stitched it nice and tight: 

Fold the band up and iron, then surge the tops wrong sides together:


Next, I worked on the cups:



I pinned the elastic straps in and sewed them while sewing the cups together for a nice clean look: 



Turn right side out and iron: 

Then I pinned the cups to the band of the bottom piece:


Then I made some straps and pinned to the band, pleating in the middle: 

Then all I had to do was fasten the shoulder straps to the back, hem it, and voila!  
I can’t wait to try more of these! They’re fun to make, and relatively inexpensive. 🙂