I’ve attached a skirt to a t-shirt before, but it wasn’t wide enough at the bottom, nor was it lined, and cotton just is too thin to wear alone, in my (old-fashioned) opinion. 😉

I found tutorials for variations on what I wanted to make, but none with exactly what I had in mind, so I set out to try and make it on my own. 😱


3 yards fabric 

3 yards (could be less, depending on how long you want the lining) lining

Wide elastic (enough to go around waist)


I planned to have a simple 2-panel pattern, so I took my fabric, kept it folded as was when purchased, and then folded it over again at the length I wanted, for 4 layers of fabric.

I measured the bottom of a dress that I like the fit of, and divided that by 4, and marked the bottom of the panels. Then I measured around my ribcage (I wanted the waist to sit there), and divided that by 4, added a couple inches, and marked that on the top of the panels. Then I used a tape measure to mark a nice straight line between the two points, and cut. Then I cut the fold at the top of the panels, so I had 2 pattern pieces.

Same for lining, except I made the length shorter:


Then I cut my pockets (4):


I stitched and serged the sides of the lining, and pressed:  

I measured how far down I wanted my pockets to fall, and pinned right sides together to the sides of each panel. I stitched only the pockets along the side.  

Then I put both panels (with attached pockets)  right sides together, aligning the pockets, and stitched down the sides, but going around the pockets.  
Like this:

I took my elastic, and stitched the ends together…and forgot to get a pic lol.

Then I matched the right side of the fabric with the wrong side of the lining, and tucked the elastic in the middle.  
I pinned it all together, matching even points all around.  

Then I sewed a zig zag stitch around, stretching the elastic as I went.  
 I serged this edge, again stretching the elastic as I went: 


I took my t shirt, and marked where I wanted the waist to fall:


Pin right sides of t shirt and elastic band together, and sew with zig zag stitch, stretching the elastic to match the t shirt:

 Hem the lining:


Hem the fabric (I did a double hem just for fun): 
My lining is maybe 4 inches shorter than my skirt. I think next time knee length for the lining will be just fine, but I wanted to err on the side of too long, since I can always shorten it later. 🙂 
It was “poofing out” a little, so I went back and stitched it down:

The finished product: