Ok, the back story to this is that we are in the middle of moving, but due to life, couldn’t get our new bedroom set up in time for Valentine’s Day…which bummed me out at first, but then I decided to just make the best of it, and that’s how some of this plan was born. 

Normally, we’ve escaped to a themed hotel room and just hung out for a whole weekend, no distractions. But this year, money is super tight, due to a surprising lack of work for my husband for a couple of months, coupled with our moving expenses and the cost of fixing up the house. 

This was our first Valentine’s Day on a budget, and I must say, even though I was wary, it turned out to be the most fun we’ve ever had! I don’t think I ever want to rent an expensive hotel again! Lol, ok maybe eventually. Just not every year. 😉

Here’s how it went:

My sweet husband  asked me to go for a walk with him at sunset Saturday night (the 13th). This is significant because we both have been trying to be more active, logging steps in our fitbits. So it helped me get some steps in, but was a wonderful time together (even though it was freezing), and the sunset was gorgeous.

I carried my camera and water in the everything crossbody from Thirty One Gifts (www.mythirtyone.com/jessbruner), and it was perfect. We got our steps in, and I got pics of the sunset. 


I had been working hard for some time on this project, the idea of a little indoor camping getaway for us in our new bedroom. I dragged our tent up to the room (it barely fit lol), and got to work.


I strung up some Christmas lights inside the tent, and blew up our air mattress and added a soft blanket and pillows. I used some chocolate to make a heart on top that we could eat later. ☺️ 

I got LED flame less tea lights on Amazon, and lined pathways, and lit up a TV tray table. I filled a square storage bin from Thirty One with extra blankets and pillows.  

I bought some firewood (although it would’ve been cool to save some sticks for this purpose, and reduce the cost further), and used some clear decorative stones on top of an old poster board (there are pictures on the other side lol) to keep the floor somewhat debris-free, and placed the LED lights inside. They are flickering  candles, so it looked more like a fire. 🙂 

I put some of our favorite sparkling peach wine on ice, with some water bottles, in my favorite family fun thermal (Thirty One) by our mattress.  

I set up my computer on a TV tray table, for watching movies and Netflix/Hulu, and paired it with a Bluetooth speaker for movie-like sound. 

Here is what it looked like:

The original plan was to just hang out in this on Valentine’s Day/night, but since he had to work Monday (most have off because of Presidents’ Day), we decided to make a whole weekend of it, and started our getaway on the eve of Valentine’s.

We ate a simple dinner of leftovers, traipsed up to our grown-up fort,  and watched Hulu.  

Now, lingerie is always a part of Valentine’s Day right? Except it costs SO MUCH. 😖 So I decided to make my own, and here is how I did #1 and #2 of my very own, homemade lingerie outfits for lounging through the weekend!

The hubs loved that I made them, and he laughed when I told him how cheap they were to make, and how I had used a coupon, and said “if you tell a girl you used a coupon on a gift to her, it’s an insult, but to a guy, it’s music to their ears!” 😂 He speaks the truth lol.


 We had fun, stayed up way late, and slept way in on Valentine’s Day, which was super nice. We made a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and pre-cooked bacon, and then ran to the store for milk (for the dessert).

I quickly put some new sparkling wine on ice, and then ran to start dinner and dessert.


Like my cute apron? 😁


For dinner, we made this recipe (to help make up for dessert a little bit lol): 

My friend had sent us a coupon for a free Redbox, so we watched a movie and ate dinner and dessert!


For dessert, we made this recipe , which tastes delicious, and looks amazing!  

We even opened our February date box, but fell asleep right after the movie lol. I guess we will just have to have another date. ☺️

So there was our date night. I estimated the total cost of the weekend to be around what we would have paid for a nice dinner with dessert and drinks at a decent restaurant. And it was loads more fun!

I hope this inspires you to plan a fun date night/weekend! 🙂