I had leftovers from this recipe , and also a bunch of lettuce I needed to use, so… I warmed up some and put it in a leaf of lettuce, and ate it like a taco. DELISH.

It has the husband’s stamp of approval, too, which is saying something, considering it’s a lettuce wrap. 😂

I did the math based on a whole batch making 20 servings. It could potentially make quite a bit more, so the calories could be even less, and it also depends on how much you put in the lettuce leaf, but here are approx nutrition values for one lettuce wrap, including the leaf of lettuce:

90 calories

7 G fat

10 G carbs

14 G protein
And here is what they look like:

I plan to make another batch today and store in Rubbermaid containers to use as easy lunches! (I got 3 portions of shredded chicken from one bag of Costco rotisserie meat lol! The whole bag was only $12!)