I haven’t made flower pens in a long time! I use pens at parties and vendor events all the time, and need them easily accessible, but also want them to be cute…so… I used those mountains of 40% off coupons at Joann’s, plus my 20% off total purchase, and got all of the stuff needed for the pens for around $6 or $7, including the pens I purchased at Walmart (and used less than half)!

Here we go! My supplies:


Bic pens

Floral tape

Wire cutters 


Cut the flowers several inches down the stem, and begin taping at the very top…this helps keep the flower attached, so over time, it doesn’t fall off:  
Check the height you want, because the bin I wanted to use requires longer flowers, so I had to begin taping to the pen a little lower down the floral stem:  

Tear off at the end and smooth down:  

I put marbles in my bin to keep the pens in cute formation:  

 Voila! Isn’t this bin CUTE for this?? It’s the new Your Way Bin from Thirty-one Gifts! (Contact me if you’re interested in getting one for yourself!) I love the chalk panel, and the beautiful water hyacinth is just perfect for spring and summer! 😍 

And there is yet another easier-than-easy DIY project for ya! 🙂