I’ve made a Christmas wreath before, simply attaching fun stuff and pretty sparkly things to a pine wreath… But I have really been wanting a spring wreath, and I adore the twig ones! 

Of course, I’m not exactly rolling in dough right now, so I waited for Joann’s massive sale (30-50% off blooms), used every 40% off coupon I’d been texted or emailed or mailed, plus app coupons also, and then stacked a nice 20% off total purchase coupon on top of everything! I saved enormous amounts!! This wreath cost me approx. $12 to make (but would’ve been over $30 regular price!)!

I kind of forgot to take pics during the process… Oops. But here are my craft supplies before (including supplies for other projects):


I simply placed my florals around the wreath like I desired, and used my floral wire to hold down, winding in between branches and leaves. For the roses, I bent those (except in hindsight I probably would’ve hot glued them, but I was originally thinking maybe I could take the florals off and change the seasons lol…yeah no. The twig wreaths are cheap, so I’ll just make another one for the season changes), and bound the horizontal part of the bent stem. 


I even found these adorable little clip on butterflies! 


And that’s the end of my super easy spring wreath “tutorial!” 😂

I know it’s not super elaborate, like most crafters, but the stuff I post is supposed to help non-crafters or very beginning crafters realize that there are easy crafts those of us who are less talented can still do! It seems like all the DIY out there is so intricate and takes massive creative talent, which I seriously lack. I want an easy project that doesn’t take me a week to make, and a fortune to spend on supplies! 

So, this is what I blog! Easy peasy DIY, recipes, etc. 

For the not-so-talented DIY lover. 😜