Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved sloppy joes. But now I can’t have wheat, and I haven’t found any really good gluten free buns to purchase here… so I haven’t had any in quite awhile. 

Well, then I saw a pin about putting sloppy joe meat on lettuce! Genius! I’ve made lots of food ideas into lettuce wraps because of the gluten thing. Except…I’ve never made sloppy joes. So I set out to find manwich in the store, to check the ingredient list. But… I couldn’t find any. AGH! I looked up all sorts of ideas on pinterest, only to discover that it’s REALLY easy to make your own. I had no idea…no one ever told me it’s only 3 ingredients to make the sauce!! *mind blown*

Of course, I wanted to make it in my IP, because I love the thing, and it seals in flavor as if the food has been slow cooked all day!

So, here is my tried and true version of sloppy joes, adjusted to the flavoring I like (you can play with the ratios to adjust to your taste if necessary).

2 lbs ground beef

3/4 cup ketchup

3 Tbsp mustard

1/3 cup brown sugar

1. Pour glass of wine. (Ok, just kidding, but it was a nice addition lol)

1. (For real) Turn IP on sauté, and adjust if needed to normal setting. (When you hit sauté, hit adjust after that, and it will move from low to normal to high until it’s at the setting you want. Totally just discovered that lol) Brown ground beef, stirring to ensure it doesn’t stick. I use ground beef from costco, and the fat content is so low, I’d have to lay out the beef on a paper towel afterward to get any grease off, so I don’t even bother draining. But if you have a lot of fat, please drain the grease when it’s finished. 

2. Turn IP off when done, then add ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar, and stir. You’ll pretty much just want to eat the whole pot plain at this point lol.

3. Cover IP, making sure that the valve is turned to the seal position. Cook on manual for 5 minutes, and either quick release (turn valve to steam release) or let natural release (come down from pressurized naturally, takes several minutes), and serve. It tastes like it’s been cooking in the crockpot all day, the flavor is so sealed in!

4. Serve! We like ours on lettuce, until I find an amazing GF bun lol. Plus it’s low(er) carb, and very delicious!