We love salmon, but after getting our IP, I was curious how it would cook this yummy-ness. It did not disappoint, let me tell ya! Perfectly cooked, moist, tender and flaky…and flavor sealed in like only and IP can do! *licks lips* I don’t think we will ever revert to previous cooking methods!

Ok, here ya go!


Desired amount of salmon fillets

2 lemons (juice one, slice the other)

Chili pepper to taste

Sea salt to taste 

Pepper to taste

Johnny’s garlic spread to taste

Paprika to taste

Turmeric to taste

Lemon pepper to taste

1 cup water


1. Place rack in IP, and fill with the water.

2. Rub fillets (cut to fit in IP) with spices and pour the juice of one lemon over top.

3. Place lemon spices on top of fillets.

4. Turn release valve to “seal,” and cook on manual for 5 minutes.

5. Let pressure naturally release (don’t touch the pressure valve when it beeps). This takes several minutes…just test it by carefully tapping the pressure valve to see if there is still steam left to release. When no steam comes out, it’s ok to open.


We love it served with mashed potatoes (doctored up with butter, sour cream, and seasonings), and green beans (spread fresh green beans  on cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil, season with Montreal steak seasoning and garlic salt/spread, bake at 400° for 10-15 minutes until tender)!