Well, here I sit, at almost the heaviest I’ve ever been. *sigh*

How did I get here? A combination of various medical issues, including PCOS, Hashimoto’s, a wheat allergy, narcolepsy, and 11 miscarriages. My body hates me so badly. Ugh. I feel sluggish, and walk around with a foggy brain most of the time. People throw these kind of symptoms around to describe a hangover, or staying up til 3am and having to be up for work again by 6, but these symptoms are no joke to me. They bog me down, prevent me from getting hardly anything done, and they can throw in a bad day with no warning, leaving me unable to do much other than sleep and hit the bathroom. It’s torturous. 

We’ve cleaned up our eating considerably over the years…when we got married almost 4 years ago, we lived off convenience foods. It was horrendous. Almost 2 years ago, we discovered that a large portion of my mysterious health problems was being caused by a serious wheat allergy. It’s rough! So we’ve eliminated wheat in every tiny form, and rarely eat out due to cross-contamination risks, and also budget. 

But it’s still not enough! AGH!

So, we are embarking on the Whole30 journey, and I intend to blog my way through! So if you’re interested in doing it yourself, you’ll be able to see firsthand how I feel, look, and what I eat! =D

Bring it on!!