I love small businesses. The older I get, and the more I’ve put in to my own little side businesses, the more I realize how much time, effort, and money go in to these things. 

But it’s not just the whole “by the sweat of your brow” hardship part that makes me want to support them…it’s a point of pride for a business owner to have invested thought, cleverness, and energy into their branding, marketing, and the manner in which they conduct their sales. I love seeing Etsy shops, Facebook business pages, from-scratch websites, and Instagram accounts for all these wonderful and creative goodies! 

So, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my favorite businesses, as well as some that have been passed on to me by friends and family as their favorites, and hopefully you can find some awesome gifts while supporting small businesses right here in the U.S.! ☺️
To start off the list, I have to advertise for my own businesses, of course lol! 

I’ve been having fun building up my etsy shop, one of my main products this Christmas season is a coffee cozy, and I have a bajillion prints available! I love these cute cozies, I use them with to-go cups, reusable on-the-go cups, and even iced drinks!  

They come in cute gift-packaging, so I can even ship directly to the recipient with a handwritten note at no extra charge! 

To see what I have available, go to My Etsy shop. You can also like My Facebook page for updates and giveaways. 

I’m also an Independent Consultant with Thirty-one Gifts, and the personalization is my favorite part of the company for Christmas gift-giving. You can check out the products here: http://www.mythirtyone.com/jessbruner , and join my facebook VIP group to stay up on the latest specials, product updates, and giveaways: www.facebook.com/groups/ChicBagChick

Some of my favorite personalized items:

Ok! Now on to my favorite small businesses for gifts!!

One of my most recent addictions is this awesome clothing shop on facebook. The owner sells HAND-PICKED, affordable clothing for women, and boy, let me tell you, I never want to go to a store again! She not only picks things that are good quality, but she also offers FLATTERING plus sized pieces, and even occasionally has accessories like belts, scarves, and earrings! A gift certificate to this adorable shop would make a fantastic gift for any woman! Check out Eek’s Attic: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eeksattic/

These are just a few of the recent things I’ve purchased from Eek’s Attic, I love them:

If typical trainers intimidate you, but you’re looking for an expert on nutrition and fitness, then you need to contact James Lloyd with Gung Ho Fitness! He is located in Phoenix, AZ, but distance is no problem, because he has this wicked cool training app that he can create custom training sessions for you on! It’s amazingly convenient, and much more affordable than going to a gym trainer, not to mention, through correspondence, it’s even more personalized. You can check him out on facebook (Gung Ho Fitness), or here:  www.Gunghofitness.Trainerize.Com


Oh, girls… if you know basically ANY female, this shop has the perfect gift for her! It’s one of my all-time favorite shops, owned by a personal friend of mine, who has a great knack for designing the perfect tees and sweatshirts! ESPECIALLY for Gilmore Girls lovers! 😉 Check out her etsy: 


Here are some of my favorite purchases from 57 Pennies 😍:

If you live in the Tucson, Arizona area, and have bees, call these awesome peeps to come take care of it for you!
Desert Swarm Bee Removal
Norwex…where can I even begin to praise this amazingness?? You can clean your whole house with only water (I’m so sensitive to chemicals), and it actually performs miracles, I’m convinced lol! My favorites are the envirocloth and window cloth (I’m pretty sure you can clean everything with them!)! My other loves are the body cloth (removes makeup and exfoliates with only water, and doesn’t leave me itchy from chemicals!), and kitchen cloth (this thing picks up stuff like you wouldn’t believe, but rinses great and doesn’t stink!). You can place an order here:
***update*** I signed up as a Norwex consultant lol! I couldn’t help it, I love their stuff so much! So now you can order here: http://www.NotYourMamasRags.com 

This is their awesome dust mitt that picks up EVERYTHING without kicking up the dust:


You can find all sorts of amazing edible deliciousness and adorable crocheted amigurumi at this website:

Looking for the perfect something on a piece of clothing? This gal does awesome custom vinyl! She also has some pretty cute designs already for sale:

Here are a couple she did for us:


If you live in or around Pocatello, ID, this girl is a SPECTACULAR photographer!! Check out her talent:
Tara Tracy Photography

If you are anywhere around the Denver, CO area, you NEED photos by this chica right here! She shot my wedding photos and made them into something I’ll cherish forever, even though I didn’t have the typical dress, or professional makeup, or the venue of a century, or good lighting at the time of day when we were able to do photos. She is pure talent, this girl:

One of my all-time favorite wedding pics ☺️❤️:


If you’re looking for delicious homemade caramels, you need to contact this girl here:

Some of my favorite earrings have come from the talented Tina:

This girl has some of the most gorgeous wreaths I’ve ever seen! Check her out:


Jamberry makes a fantastic gift for any woman, whether it’s a handpicked kit you put together, or a gift certificate so she can pick out her own! I can’t live without my wraps…they not only look adorable, but help my nails keep from breaking:


LuLaRoe combines comfort with adorable-ness! Any girl would die to receive LLR! Check out one of my favorite groups:

(One of my favorite LLR outfits paired with my favorite Thirty-one scarf):


Lipsense is transfer-proof lip color! It’s totally all the rage, and would make one of the best gifts: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1667397426911423/

I hope these shops help you find some awesome treasures, and great gifts! 

Merry Christmas!! ☺️🎄